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T-shirt with controllable qr code

— A fashion tech brand —

A quality T-shirt, a QR code on the heart, an app to control it. It's Shardo, it's brand new.

L’application Shardo qui te permet de contrôler ton t-shirt est disponible sur l’App Store et Google Play.


A top quality t-shirt

100% cotton t-shirts that fits perfectly.

A QR code 

On the heart, it is unique, it is yours.

An app

An application to control your QR and display a message, a photo or a video

How does it work? 

Make your t-shirt talk

You can now...

Write a 200 character message, post a photo or insert a video.

Say it with words, a picture or a video. Now you control what your QR code reveals when it is scanned.

Be deep, funny, obscene, uncanny, witty. Be a jerk or a nerd. Reveal your true nature. Or be someone else.

Shardo Black Edition
Original price was: € 65,00.Current price is: € 45,00.
Shardo White Edition
Original price was: € 65,00.Current price is: € 45,00.

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